A Review:

“I had a lovely session with Brianna. She did an amazing job at explaining what was coming up for her with depicting my aura and made me feel very comfortable. I appreciated her patience with questions that arose on my end and her willingness to explain in detail what each symbol expressed, each color and each notation. I have been in a deep state of transition and this aura reading and conversation was very helpful for me in feeling grounded and trusting in my own energy. I can’t wait for a check in for my next solar return.” – Lynsey

Aura Readings

For all readings, I will email you a zoom link for the time you scheduled. The drawings are 60 minutes and involve me drawing your energy, asking you questions, and channeling information. Once the drawing is finished, I will take a photo of it to share on social media and mail the physical copy to you for you to keep. The Aura Glimpses are 20 minutes and do not include a drawing but involve me describing what I see in your Kinetic Aura. 

Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions you may have regarding how these readings work.

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20 Minute Aura Glimpse

A quick zoom session of me reading the intricate details of your Kinetic Aura (drawing not included)

A 20 Minute Aura Glimpse is an explanation of a specific part of your energy body that’s relevant to the situation you need clarity on. I see the components of your Kinetic Aura that needs addressing and explain to you what it is saying. These are great for when you feel something internally shift and are curious to get insight but do not need a whole 60 minute reading with a drawing of your entire Kinetic Aura.

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Kinetic Aura Drawing

Colorful drawing of your Kinetic Aura with channeled insight

A Kinetic Aura reading is a drawing of your multidimensional energetic body that depicts where you’re at in life, hidden blocks, where your energy is headed, any issues you may be struggling with, and a general theme of what is happening within on a deep level. The colors and shapes have different meanings based on where they show up in your body and chakra system.

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Soul Blueprint Drawing

Colorful drawing of your soul blueprint with channeled insight

Soul Blueprints are the energies that you were born with, are ever-present within you, and are related to how you naturally walk through life as well as the gifts you bring to Earth at this time. They can be used to look at as a reminder of your wholeness or during meditation and manifestation to invoke intention.

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Energy Checkup Package

One Kinetic Aura Reading with one 20 Minute Aura Glimpse one week later.

Get to know how your energy shifts one week after a full energy body reading. Whatever component that is most affecting you in the drawing will be re-evaluated in the 20 minute reading. 

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Portrait Package

One Kinetic Aura Drawing and one Soul Blueprint reading.

This package is the top two most popular readings at a discounted price. Not only do you get to see what your current aura looks like, you also get a drawing of your soul. This package is great for newcomers and people who want to dive deep into their self exploration. 

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Triple Moon Transformation Package

One Kinetic Aura Drawing a month for 3 months on the moon phase of your choice.

Our Kinetic Auras are always shifting and changing, especially if you are being conscious of your healing journey. With this package, you will get to see how your energy evolves over a three month period of time. You get to choose when the readings are done. For example, if your natal moon is in Libra, then you could choose the time window of when the moon is in Libra each month. Or perhaps you’d like the readings done on every new moon. The option is yours. 

Offering Visual Insight For Your Healing Exploration