How It Helps:

“It is so hard to put words around my experience with the aura reading, but I can say that it has had a powerful impact on my life since. Every time I look at the drawing I can feel the pure power radiating out of it.
Brianna is out of this world! Her quiet power created a really loving space for the two of us to explore together and her reflections were at once surprising and deeply aligned with who I am. She helped me to identify some of the deep blocks I was feeling and illuminated things I couldn’t see about what was holding me back. Since this reading, I have shifted and opened up so much in my life that I couldn’t have predicted. Thank you, Brianna!” – Sara

Kinetic Aura Readings

Once you book your reading, I will email you a zoom link for the time you scheduled. Soul Blueprints and Kinetic Aura Drawings are 60 minutes and involve me drawing your energy, asking you questions, and channeling information. Once the drawing is finished, I will take a photo of it to share on social media and mail the physical copy to you. Aura Glimpses are 20 minutes on zoom and do not include a drawing but involve me describing what I see in your Kinetic Aura. Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions you may have regarding how these readings work.

There are no refunds available. If you cannot make your appointment, please email me 24 hours in advance.

Offering Visual Insight For Your Healing Exploration