A Kind Testimonial:

“Just speaking with you helped me unblock a few things. I wasn’t sure if it would be hard to pick up on/see my aura with how blocked I was feeling. But it was really encouraging that you could still see so many wonderful aspects.

Your description of where my blocks were/how to unblock them were actually spot on. As I processed more of it, it’s already been helpful and I’ll remember lil points you made to help me going forward.

Thank you for following this passion and using your creative love force to help people. I really appreciate it!”

About & FAQs

What are Kinetic Aura drawings?

A “Kinetic Aura” is a term I created to describe the download I got 11 years ago that allowed me to see auras beyond the classic clouds of colors and chakra system.

Your Kinetic Aura is a multidimensional energetic field. It’s composed of moving, breathing shapes and lines that rotate around different parts of your body. Each component means something distinct depending on where it shows up in your field.

I do not have set definitions for what each color or shape means, rather I channel messages directly from the Xaeya realm of Color-Forms and Geometrics. I use my intuition and guidance to interpret the visuals I see. So your reading is completely unique and specific to your own energy.

What is the difference between a Kinetic Aura Drawing and a Soul Blueprint Drawing?

Kinetic Aura drawings visually depict where you’re at in life, hidden blocks, where your energy is headed, any issues you may be struggling with, and a general theme of what is happening within on a deep level.

Soul Blueprints are the energies you were born with, that are ever-present within you. These are related to how you naturally walk through life as well as the gifts you bring to Earth at this time. It is a snapshot of your true soul in its full beauty and greatness. Past life influences may show up if they are relevant to the now. Sometimes animals and mythical creatures will reveal themselves as well as your guidance. Soul Blueprints can be used to look at when you need a reminder of your unique wholeness or during meditation and manifestation to invoke intention.

How do the drawings work?

Once you schedule your reading, I will email a zoom link for the time you selected. The Soul Blueprint and Kinetic Aura drawings are 60 minutes and involve me drawing your energy, asking you questions, and channeling information. Once the drawing is finished, I will take a photo of it to share on social media and mail the physical copy to you for you to keep. The Aura Glimpses are 20 minutes and also on zoom. They do not include a drawing but involve me describing what I see in your Kinetic Aura. Please feel free to contact me if you’d like more clarification 🙂

What do I get from a 20 Minute Aura Glimpse?

Aura Glimpses are great for when you would like to know what’s going on with your energy but do not need an entire 60 minute session with a drawing. Once scheduled, I email you a zoom link and we will meet at that time for 20 minutes. I scan your body, tell you what I see, and we chat about what’s important for you right now. 

Unlike the drawings, these Aura Glimpses are only the aspects of your Kinetic Aura relevant to your situation. For example: I can take a look at what the energy around your throat chakra is when you are apprehensive about communicating something difficult to someone later that day. I will give you insight and support.

I started offering these because friends and family member would contact me asking for me to look at their energy that day. Sometimes they felt off and sometimes they felt expanded. They wanted to know what’s going on and to understand how to move forward. When I got these messages, I instantly saw them and typed out my vision in a few short paragraphs. So I created a 20 minute session for you for these quick and easy readings. Some days all you need to know are a few little details!

Why are packages more valuable?

If you’d like to see how your energy changes, the packages are perfect for you.

Your Kinetic Aura is always shifting as you change each day. You might be focusing on spiritually healing or physical health. Perhaps you are going through a difficult time. These packages are designed to show you how your energy is transforming. You will be able to visually see what you are feeling within and receive insight on what it all means. Packages vary in type but are all focused on transformation. 

Offering Visual Insight For Your Healing Exploration