Meet Brianna

I was a child when I first saw light and colors around people and objects when I focused on them. Honestly, it frightened me at the time. Eventually, I learned that these visions were called auras. I blocked these abilities out as a teenager when I questioned my faith and the mystical although I was still psychic. This made me sick for years.

When I was 20 years old, I had a spiritual awakening and embraced my extrasensory experiences including being in other realms like the Akashics and doing shamanic journeys. As I practiced seeing auras, they advanced into something new which I now describe as “Kinetic Auras”. I have been practicing seeing them for 11 years now and in recent years have begun offering these services.

Kinetic Auras are the moving, breathing shapes of colors in people’s energetic fields that interact with different parts of the body and chakra system. I also see the classic clouds of colors but those are more of a supportive container in which the shapes float. Every being of nature radiates Kinetic Auras such as plants, water, minerals, animals, clouds, fire, etc.

My whole life, I have been seeing energy with my bare eyes in the “empty” space between things and people. Objects do not look solid, separate, or “real”. Wherever I look, there are spiraling, glowing orbs of light that make it look like everything is connected. These flickering dots intensify when I pray, hold crystals, focus, receive reiki, or lay in a sound bath. A fun pastime for me is listening to music and watching its display of colorful shapes dance.

It hasn’t always been an easy ride, for I have been through The Dark Night of the Soul for many years. I got a crash course on the human experience and have learned a lot about how things work here on Earth at this time. Because of that, I would consider myself trauma informed. I deeply understand most psychiatric diagnoses as well as the workings of karma. Any and all feelings are welcome during my readings where I will observe them with love. You might feel the energy when I am looking at your Kinetic Aura. I keep a safe and sacred space for your energies to open up, be authentic, and transform in any way that feels most comfortable.

Artistically, I have been making art my whole life, was classically trained in fine art, took college courses throughout high school, and went to a private art college in the North Shore of Massachusetts as well as a public art college in Boston. In recent years, I professionally did graphic design. However, I consider myself a traditional fine artist. I apply my artistic skills to my readings. With my drawings, I am joining my vast experiences with art and spirituality which, to me, are inseparable.

I love to support people in their healing exploration with the philosophy that we are each on our own stepping stone of our unique path. One of my favorite things to do is talk with people about their emotions and be a cheerleader for them. This work fills me with joy and I hope to have the opportunity to show you the beautiful colors you have within. 

Offering Visual Insight For Your Healing Exploration