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Visually Discover Your Internal World

Kinetic Aura readings transcend the ordinary. I offer a truly distinctive experience as we delve into the mesmerizing tapestry of your energy field.

Revel in the clarity, empowerment, comfort, and expanded perspective that my unique readings provide.

With an approach unlike any other, my Kinetic Aura readings are an invitation to discover the unseen facets of your being.

The multidimensional energies in your personal field are brought to life in color. Messages from these moving, breathing shapes are channeled from the Xaeya Realm of Color-Forms and Geometrics to provide insight and guidance for any journey you are on.

What People Are Saying:

“Every time she has read my aura, it has been significantly life changing, day changing for me. She shifts my perspective because everything she says is so accurate and exactly what you need to hear to move through a block.

She messaged me after connecting to my aura and I’m still re-reading the message because it was that impactful for me. It’s like this amazing affirmation of where I’m at and I so highly recommend her to anyone.”

Offering Visual Insight For Your Healing Exploration